Just in time for Super Bowl XLVI, Viva! Vision Inc and VODA digital LLC have launched their debut game "Mobile Linebacker" for the iPhone and Android. Brought to you by the very people that played the game professionally in the NFL for over 3 decades combined. Viva! Vision and VODA digital want you to know what it feels like to play defense and deliver bone crunching hits you'll never forget.

Wreak havoc on opposing offenses and shut down the run game by shooting through gaps and crushing the ball carrier. The game has simple game play action where the player controls the Linebacker to stop a series of increasingly difficult offensive plays.

With Mobile Linebacker you can:

  • Choose your player
  • Customize your team colors
  • Outfit your players with the best gear from the equipment room
  • Learn to play the game with a series of practices
  • Earn money and trophies as you advance through the levels